We will send you a copy of our colored illustrated Book on the Code Changes . The book is easy reading and full of pictures to help you to understand the changes.
 Then you answer the quiz questions and mail it back to us . We will then send all of the required paperwork to the state and certificate to you.
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 Exam Prep-Course

2017  Electrical Exam Prep-Course
The electrical exam is base on the 2017 NEC at this time 
  One time fee of $100.00 guarantee you will pass     
 We will work  with you to pass your test the first time . If you do not pass we will work with you for free until you do pass .

 for Master or Journeyman Test  Home Study course.
Includes wookbook and DVD
Covers all math & Calculations for the 2017 NEC
Motors & practices questions for the test .
2014 CE Home Study course
Approved for Arkansas & Oklahoma 
for 8 hours CE


Book & DVD 
2017 CE Home Study course
Plus $10.00 shipping ​
Pick year 2014 or 2017
Must have Full Name
Must have Electrical License #